Aloha replacement heels (Set of 3)

Product No.: ABPACHSE

Changing soles and heels is quite normal and necessary these days. But have you ever thought about replacing all of your heels? Due to the pressure and the heat during the gliding phase, your heel wears out and no longer offers the grip as it did at the beginning.

With the Aloha replacement heel set of 3 you will quickly find the right stand again.

Content: 3x Heels

  • 2x white heels for short slide
  • Tri-color heel for medium slide

Available in 3 sizes

  • Small: 40 – 42
  • Medium: 43 – 45
  • Large: 46-48

compatibel to Aloha Pro Series, Dexter SST 4-8 and other shoes with interchangeable soles