Aloha Kong Pearl

After creating a monster in overall hook motion we mentioned that more angle downlane with a sharper move off the spot is very usefull in modern environments. So we wrapped the succesful fast reving KING CORE with the PRIMEVAL Pearl Cover to create a different ball motion on the lanes.

While typical bowlers could use the extra portion of length on medium conditions, sport bowlers will find the extra kick off the spot very usefull when forced to move deep in.

As seen on the Aloha Kong the KONG CORE restores more energy in transition leading to a harmful explosion in the pins.

Cover: Primeval Pearl Reactive
Surface : 2000 Grit Abralon
: King Asymmetric
RG Max
.: 2.53 (high)
RG Differential:
Int. Diff.: 0.019
Condition: Medium Oil
Weights: 12 – 16 lbs
Color: black pearl