Aloha Pro Elite Au

Au is the chemical Sign for Gold, one of the most valueable elements on earth.

The Aloha Elite Pro Au brings the professional bowler a revolutionary technology and the highest comfort to compete on top level competition.

Aloha presents an absolute novelty, the Aloha Elite Pro Au with exchange sole shoes for right- and left-handers. Now you can equip both soles with interchangeable soles and heels exchange, a distinction between right and left-handers is therefore invalid. The upper is made of synthetic leather. This Aloha Pro Elite Au comes with 4 interchangeable soles and 3 heels to provide the perfect setting for every start. An extra wide tread provides more security in the state.


  • Bowling Shoes
  • 4 Change soles: brown (short slide), red (medium slide), white (long slide), rubber (no slide – only for traction)

2 Change heels: white (short slide), tri-color (medium slide)