What is a Demoday?

Demo Days offer you the opportunity to test current balls from Aloha Bowling Products at a bowling alley without prior purchase and experience to try out the balls.

How does it work?

The demo balls to put on a Demoday available are equipped with interchangeable thumb inserts (eg Turbo Switch Grip Vise Grip Switch-IT, Lane # 1 GripLoc). This thumb inserts are available in different sizes so that each player is the right size. Each Demoday ball is provided with a different span length that is engraved on the ball. Also the fingertips can be changed easily and quickly. The Demoday balls are usually available in 14 lbs and 15 lbs.

How long is a Demoday?

Demo Day last between 4-8 hours depending on the number of available Demoday balls and Demoday number of participants, with particularly strong demand for longer.


For center operators and ProShops:As center or ProShopbetreiber you pay only the shipping cost of Demodayballs. You decide how many different balls you want to see on your Demoday. Just contact us, we will make you an offer.For bowlers:

They usually pay only a small contribution for the expenses that you usually get paid back when you buy a ball on Demoday day.

Where is the next Demoday?

Ask at your center or pro shop – or just ask us, we will gladly inform you when a Demoday in your area will be held.


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