Aloha Kong Pearl

After creating a monster in terms of overall movement on the track, we thought that more angles in the backends with a square movement on modern oil patterns would be very useful. So we wrapped the successful, fast spinning KING CORE with the PRIMEVAL Pearl Cover to create a different ball movement on the lanes.
While typical bowlers might take advantage of the extra length in medium oil patterns, sports bowlers will find the extra kick in the backends very useful when forced to move low on the lane.
As with the Aloha Kong, the KONG CORE restores more energy in the transition, resulting in an impressive reaction in the pins.

Watch the video:

Surface: 2000 Grit Abralon + polish
Core: KONG CORE asymmetrical
R.G .: 2,53
Diff .: 0,051
Int. diff.: 0.019
Recommended for: Medium oil
Colour: Black Pearl