Aloha Pro Futura 3D

The Aloha Pro Futura 3D brings the ambitious sports bowler new revolutionary technologies to compete at the highest level.

Aloha proudly presents one of the lightest bowling shoes with changeable soles on the market. But not only the light weight makes this shoe an absolute premium product, but also the well thought-out sportive concept. The shoe has been developed by bowling players for bowling players and has been tailored to their needs. The changeable soles hold on to the shoe with a particularly durable velcro and the tip is protected with a special rubber cap. The additional soles and heels are differently smooth, so that you have the ideal stance on every run. If you already have changeable soles on your old bowling shoe, you can use them on your new Aloha Pro Futura 3D as well. The extra wide gliding surface offers an optimal stance and more consistency when releasing the ball.
The midsole is made of a special foam, which is light weight, durable and keeps its shape. To improve air circulation, the Aloha Pro Futura 3D is equipped with air holes in the sole. The Aloha Pro Futura can be used by both right- and left-handed people, as both shoes have Velcro fasteners.

Special features:
– light weight
– changeable soles & heels
– shoe bag
– sporty design
– latest materials

– Shoes
– 1x sliding sole (white, long sliding phase)
– 1x outsole (rubber, no sliding phase)
– 2x heel (white, short glide phase; tri-color, medium glide phase)