Since 1993 we offer in addition to product seminars also Drilling-workshops.

In these days the prices of different materials of the bowling balls are in addition to the drilling, clearly explained.

It goes around rather than just theoretical knowledge, but also the advice of your ideal customers. But also interested and ambitious players who want to learn about your sport and should know more, are interested in our offer. In addition to the mediated knowledge can be obtained from each seminar extensive educational material that will also allow you to be re-read all the necessary information to. Still not convinced? The following persons were from us and trained:

M. Mrosek (München) J. Bartel (Potsdam) C. Cremer (München)
J. Genzmer (Schwedt) B. Brösdorf (Mühlhausen) F. Börner (Tübingen)
M. Grabovac (Detmold) J. Brodowsky (München) W. Weber (Bamberg)
H. Gasser (Hohenems) M. Spindler (München) und viele weitere

Workshop I

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The  "Drilling-Workshop I" is primarily about the konventional or even normal bore. In this technique, the player goes, as used in the house balls, up to the second phalanx of the holes in it. In addition to the correct and professional surveying hand, the course also deals with the development and production of a bowling ball. A good hole allows your customers to easily improve its results. But the treatment of the surface with abrasive pads or polish is explained precisely in this seminar. Another chapter involves editing the holes with filler (usually two-component epoxy resin) to fill old holes or to repair minor damage ball. The teaching materials are provided and may be retained by the seminar participants.


Duration: 6 hours

Date: by appointment

Workshop II

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The "Drilling Workshop II" deals in addition to proper drilling technology and ideal measurement of the hand also reinforced with the layout of a ball. It is also about the correct positioning of the "mass bias" in asymmetric nuclei. With a fingertip bore the player goes only to the first phalanx in the hole, which is usually equipped with a rubber insert. This gives the player the opportunity because of the longer lever to give the ball more rotation. However, students learn a lot of theoretical knowledge to shell material and surface structures of different bowling balls, as well as construction, meaning and understanding of modern core design. In the rich teaching materials of the seminar participants will find all sorts of information on many keywords.

Duration: 6 hours

Date: by appointment

Workshop III:

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DThe "Drilling Workshop III" is an advanced seminar for the advanced ball drills, it is less about the correct measurement of the hand as the ideal positioning of the core in the ball to the axis of the player. In addition to modern techniques such as the "Dual Angle Layout" or modify the ball reaction by balancing holes, are also traditional practices used. A large section of this seminar is the surface machining with abrasive pads and / or polishes to the ideal structure to get on the bowling ball..


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