Staff Player


Bild folgt Tobias Börding
Motiv Staff Spieler

World Cup Second Place 2014
Bronze Medal WYC in Bangkok 2012
German Player of the Year 2014
Bavarian Player of the Year 2011/12/13/14
Best German Player on the WMC 2014 in Abu Dhabi 
Participant on the WMC 2013 in Las Vegas 
11 Gold Medals on German Nationals
9 Silber Medals on German Nationals
13 Bronze Medals on German Nationals
13 Times State Champion
12 Times Regional Champion
Good Results on the European Bowling Tour:
-> 4 Times the 4th Place 
-> 90% made the Cut on the EBT

19 Times 300 in 1 Game
6 Times 800 in 3 Game 
Highest Series 1598

Derzeit aktiv für:
Ratisbona Regensburg 
Jan Brodowsky
Motiv Advise Staff Spieler


300er Spiele: 12
höchste 3er Serie: 834
höchste 6er Serie: 1578

Derzeit aktiv für:
Team ProfiShop München