FAQ to Jackal/Jackal Carnage

UPDATE 03.05.2016
We have been receiving many email messages and phone calls from bowlers with questions, so we are sending this message to address those.    
When will I get my official verification?
Since you are receiving this message, MOTIV did receive your submission.  You may not have received an official verification email yet with your Ticket ID, but please be patient.  MOTIV has received thousands of entries and they must process them one by one to manually compare the photo uploaded to the serial number entered.  This is a very time-consuming process.  
When is my ball getting shipped?
You have elected to receive the new Limited Edition release and those balls are expected to ship to pro shops in September.  You will receive occasional messages in the meantime as new information is available.  When your ball does ship to the pro shop you specified, you will receive a shipping confirmation message from MOTIV.  
What do I do with my Jackal/Jackal Carnage?
Make sure you hold on to your Jackal or Jackal Carnage. Do not discard or damage the ball.  You MUST turn it in to the pro shop later to exchange it for the new ball.  
Thank you very much for your patience and support through this process. You are greatly appreciated!

​UPDATE 06.04.2016:
Ball Exchange Program

UPDATE 17.03.2016:
Jackal und Jackal Carnageare allowed to be used in official DBU Competition till 30.6.2016.

“Today the USBC announced that they have pulled approval of the Jackal and Jackal Carnage bowling balls due to non-conformance with current specifications. Recent spot checking in the marketplace showed that both balls had an average differential over the maximum limit of .060.
We are currently working on a form for our website that will allow bowlers to submit their Jackal or Jackal Carnage into a database to become eligible for a replacement ball.  We expect the form to be online March 23. While we will not be able to reimburse drilling fees, we will replace the bowling ball with a current model or a future release of the Jackal.  More details will be coming soon.
Thank you very much for your business.  We sincerely apologize.”

If you have any questions left please feel free to contact us