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Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
To make Amplify™ different, we packaged it in a high-end 8-ounce aluminum bottle to provide a durable refillable package. So you can use this bottle more often, save money and also reduce waste for our environment. But this is not the only reason to buy Motiv Amplfy Ball Cleaner: The strong formulation cleanes every Bowlingball from dirt, dust and lane oil and gives you the grip you need to strike on modern lane conditions.
  • 8oz Bottle (~237 ml)
  • refillable aluminium bottle
  • strong formulation 
  • for all types of bowlingballs
17,95 EUR
7,57 EUR per 100ml
Bowtie Versa-Tool

Bowtie Versa-Tool
Multi Purpose Span Ruler and Layout Tool designed for every ball driller from beginner to professional.  It is also designed to help you improve fitting and drilling accuracy from ball to ball.  There are four measuring scales, A, B, C, and D, utilizing both sides of the span ruler.

Coach Bowtie Versa-Tool made from hardplastic
Deluxe Bowtie Versa-Tool made from aluminium (lifetime warrenty)

Side A
1/2 scale increments to begin the drilling layout of the thumbhole.

Side B
Hooks into any hole to get accurate measurements from ball to ball.  Also, it has an angled hooked end to allow sweeping motion across undrilled finger and/or thumbhole area.  This allows you to apply accurate cut lines for undrilled holes.

Side C
Allows you to find the accurate span measurement location on your customer's finger.

Side D (not pictured)
Serves a variety of functions, especially for the professional.  Measures from 0" to 6 3/4" flat across the ball.  Excellent for mapping out bowling balls and laying out balance weight hole locations.


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